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Vermicompost – 5kg


  • 100% organic manure produced by earthworms
  • Fortified with micro bacteria such as Azospirullum and Phosphobacteria which improve the nitrogen in the soil
  • Improves water retention in the soil and improves soil health
  • Suitable for all plant types including vegetables, greens and flowering plants
  • Ideal for home gardens and kitchen gardens
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Vermicompost is a 100% organic manure, which is produced naturally by earthworms. It contains all essential plant nutrients that are easily absorbed by roots of the plants. The porous texture of Vericompost helps aerate the soil and make it retain water thus always keeps the roots moist. Green Gardens Vermicompost is fortified with additional micro bacteria such as Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria, which promote faster seed germination and better growth of the plant.Vermicompost makes plants disease resistant over continuous application. Suitable for all plants including vegetables, greens and flowering plants. Ideal for home gardens and kitchen gardens.


  • Apply 250 gms or two handful of vermicompost to the top soil of potted plants once in two weeks for best results.
  • It’s advised to stir the top soil a little during application to help roots soak the nutrients
  • Water the soil after application

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Item: Vermicompost

Weight: 5kg