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Organic Coriander/ Cilantro Seeds – Open Pollinated


  1. 100% organic coriander/cilantro seeds
  2. Open pollinated so you can replant using seeds from the harvest
  3. 70% germination rate
  4. Perfect for kitchen gardens and home gardens
  5. The image shown on the left is for reference only
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Coriander/ Cilantro is one of the most preferred herbs to grow at home. While it is preferable to grow coriander in slightly colder climates, the herb can be grown with ease even in warmer climates. Coriander definitely adds a great flavour to the kitchen garden both by way of its aroma and its appearance. We provide 100% organic coriander seeds. These seeds are open pollinated, which means you can reuse the seeds from your harvest.

Simple Growing Instructions

  1. Always use an organic soil mix to grow your vegetables
  2. Break the seeds by rubbing it on the ground or gently hammer the seed with a soft tool to break the seed before sowing
  3. Sow the seeds directly in moist soil (Not damp or soil dripping with water)
  4. Sow the seeds in rows with a minimum of 3 inches spacing between rows
  5. Average germination time is 1 week
  6. Keep the soil moist by slightly sprinkling water in the morning and evening
  7. It is preferable to not expose the seeds to direct sunlight until germination
  8. Coriander seeds germinate faster when soaked in warm water overnight before sowing

Product Details

Item: Coriander Seeds

No of Units: Approximately 25 seeds

Germination Rate: 70%

Type: Open Pollinated