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Bloom Promoter – 1 Litre


  • Helps better flowering and fruiting in plants
  • 100% Organic
  • Made from natural seaweed extract
  • Contains more than 40 essential nutrients for your plants
  • Ideal for flowering plants and vegetable plants
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Green Gardens Bloom Promoter is the perfect 100% organic nutrition dosage to help your plants in flowering and fruiting stages. Made from natural seaweed extract, Bloom Promoter contains more than 40 essential nutrients, which increases the potassium, phosphorous and calcium content in the soil or potting medium. Be it your favourite rose plants or tomato plants, Bloom Promoter can help them bloom better.


  • Mix 2 caps/ 50ml of the solution with 1 Litre of Water and spray over 10 plants
  • Spray a little on the soil to enhance root health
  • Best sprayed in the evening or early morning
  • Spray Bloom Promoter every two weeks during the blooming stage or fruiting stage to get better yields

Product Specifications

Item: Bloom Promoter

Net Content: 1 Litre