About Us

“Our Mission at Green Gardens is to enable every household to have their own organic garden which fulfills at least a portion of their daily needs”


Adith Kumar,
Founder, Green Gardens.

Keeping our mission in mind, we’ve developeda range of products and services, which enables our customers to grow and maintain their plants at ease. We believe in empowering our customers with knowledge and training so that they are able to grow at least a portion of their daily food requirements themselves. We offer one of a kind kitchen garden service (Currently in the City of Chennai), which has successfully helped many of our customers become pro vegetable growers. Do check out our unique service offering here.

While organic farming has become quite popular in the recent times, not much support is available to the regular home gardener. We at Green Gardens have taken it upon ourselves to research, build and share knowledge to our fellow gardeners. At Green Gardens we are constantly researching on the best combination of naturally available materials, which would best suit each individual plant type. Do check out our unique range of organic gardening inputs here.

Join us in this mission. Lets build a healthy and sustainable future!